Entrepreneurs on a Mission

My Business, My Mission tells the story of a movement that is changing the lives of tens of thousands of people in the most impoverished nations on earth. It is also transforming businesspeople in the northern and southern hemispheres by exposing them to a revolutionary paradigm: the idea that God has called them into mission through business. Through the work of a remarkable organization called Partners Worldwide, North American businesspeople and entrepreneurs in developing countries are joining together to fight poverty. Their mission is simple: to expand their businesses, create wealth, and provide jobs for the poor in Christ's name.

"As an ordained pastor and businessman, I am pleased to see this inspirational, compelling, and timely work. I strongly encourage pastors and businesspeople to read and reread this book. The partnership of business leaders and churches will transform lives and communities worldwide."

– Rev. Gerard Dykstra, Executive Director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America

"While moving for the documentation of witness by successful busi-ness people and developing world entrepreneurs alike, My Business, My Mission also inspires with its portrayal of the unshakeable bond that exists between those who have done well and those who now have hope for better lives."

– Jack Hawkins, Principal, International Volunteer Ventures, LLC (and former Director, Volunteers for Prosperity, US Agency for International Development)